Resolú Cellars

Had a great time being a part of the bottling process. Early morning with @amandajennewein and the team at #resolucellars. Grateful to learn from the grape growers and wine makers! These people were involved in this wine from start to finish:) #winelovers #pnw

bottling with friends and wine makers

bottling with friends and wine makers

written and shared by – Jen Manlig Pickett

if they could hear your thoughts

some nights are so quiet, so calm, and others haunting. i don’t always know what’s me, what’s from deep within, greatly outside of myself, possibly from a different realm. attacking me in the depth of my soul. manipulating my thoughts, dreams and sense of self. i don’t always recognize myself anymore. i will at times get a glimpse, of a fond memory, when driving with the window down, sun in my face, wind in my hair. i can recall what i used to feel like when i felt well and present. more than i would like to admit i don’t feel like my mind and body are in the same place, as if i’m in a foggy night, unable to see farther than 6 feet in front of me. where have i gone? there i am! hey wait, don’t leave me here… we used to be so happy, so alive, so excited about what could possibly be next. please help pull me out of this dark pit, allow me to be blinded by the sun, your glory, your presence. rescue me from this place, please. i’m scared, so angry, so lonely, please help. please? come quickly lord. i fear i’m lacking memory of who you are, what you will look like if you decide to come. hold me nearer now than ever before. please?

do not wander, do not wander throughout the dawn. what would people think, if they could hear your thoughts? they would be so offended, so angry, so assuming. i don’t mean to think these thoughts, it scares me honestly. please come quickly and show me your face. heal all my wounds and erase patterns from my mind of what used to be and what i thought could have been. where do i go? i’m not scared to be alone, but i’m afraid of the things haunting inside. stay next to me, even when i’m not paying much attention. wash it all away and heal the wounds, starting from the deepest inside.

Mom graduated from College

Proud Family

Proud Family

I value my family, loved ones and friends above any other early pleasure. I had the privledge of seeing my Mom graduate from college this month. She’s dedicated most of her life to raising both my sister and I, on her own, with the help of God and His Spirit. She’s always wanted to go back to school and study American Sign Language. She’s also had the opportunity to learn more about who she is and how her life has shaped her and the calling on her life. I’m so proud of you mom; your dedication, hard work, perseverance, sacrifice and trust in the way God leads you. I love you!

Regan Sky Otto

Regan Sky

This is my niece!
Regan is beautiful and sweet. I’m so happy she has an amazing mom and dad who will love her immensely. Being so far away from Missouri is hard right now. I love you guys!

Severe Brain Injury

This is the specific symptom I'm currently focusing on.

This is the specific symptom I’m currently focusing on.

Last September, 2014, I had an accident at work. I was performing a routine task in a space of our store that’s not customer facing. When I headed back the the sales floor I was walking quickly, with my head down, while looking at my iPad. All of a sudden, with great force, the front right side of my head came into contact with a steel box, that hangs on the wall. The impact knocked me down to the ground and I passed out after hitting my head and upper back on the floor. After reviewing video footage, it’s clear that I wasn’t moving for a few minutes. Unconscious. I told myself to stay down, not sure what damage had been done to my body or head. I slowly wiggled my fingers and toes to make sure I had feeling, then I discovered my head was bleeding. This was a scary few minutes as there was no one around to help me. I had a phone on me so I called to a nearby office. It wasn’t long before I had help and I was taken to urgent care. Then driven to the Emergency Room, the urgent care couldn’t do anything and were alarmed when they discovered my head was bleeding. No staples, thankfully! The possibility was discussed multiple times… scary!

For those of you who know me, you can image how difficult it is for me to be still. I’m not suppose to exercise until I’m symptom-free. The extent of my current activities consists of walking during the day. Most of my time is spent resting my brain and/or one of many therapies. Since December 2014 I’ve been doing physical, speech, and occupational therapy. In January of this year the doctor added vision and massage therapies.

The suspected outcome is full recovery, it’s just taking longer than I hoped.  Below is information about post-concussion syndrome.

By Mayo Clinic Staff
Post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder in which various symptoms — such as headaches and dizziness — last for weeks and sometimes months after the injury that caused the concussion.

Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, usually occurring after a blow to the head. Loss of consciousness isn’t required for a diagnosis of concussion or post-concussion syndrome. In fact, the risk of post-concussion syndrome doesn’t appear to be associated with the severity of the initial injury.

In most people, post-concussion syndrome symptoms occur within the first seven to 10 days and go away within three months, though they can persist for a year or more.

Post-concussion syndrome treatments are aimed at easing specific symptoms.

Backpacking Eagle Creek

Joe found a friend on the trail (Joe found a friend on the trail)
friends (Brett and Joe taking in the view)
great view from the tent (View from the first night’s camp site)
really laughing (Joe caught a candid shot)
camp site (Another camp site)
waterfall (Waterfall)
brett and amanda before hike begins (Brett and I)
joe looking into the valley

more trees

lake at night


great view from the tent 2

It was a great trip this May. Beautiful sights and great conversations with wonderful people!

Apple Store, Pioneer Place


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. For those of you who’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to.. (picture above)!
Life has been busy and transitional this past six months. I’ve been working with a great team of people to prepare for and open the Apple Store, Pioneer Place.

I hope to be more available and present!

Help Thanks Wow

This morning has been wonderful. I slept well for the first time in many weeks, I think it has a lot to do with a Christmas present I received from Brett, a comfy memory foam pillow with cooling gel inside. After waking up I laid in bed and stretched, for a long time. Eventually I got up and poured myself a cup of black coffee from my percolator and headed back upstairs. I received this great Pike’s Place Starbucks mug, which I was excited to use. I’ve spent the entire morning reading and getting to think and write. I later used some bath goodies I got for Christmas (thank you Shannon and Mom) and now smell like yummy almond and feel even more relaxed than before. Then back to my reading and coffee. After finishing my devotional reading, I started a new book, one my Mom got me. It’s funny because I asked for this book last Christmas, and completely forgot about it until this Christmas morning as I unwrapped it. “Help Thanks Wow the Three Essential Prayers,” by Anne Lamott. If you haven’t read anything by Anne Lamott, you should! She’s incredible honest, sincere and funny. I often catch myself laughing out loud or crying as I’m pointed inward towards my truest self. I received my first book written by Anne Lamott from a friend, Heather Sparkman, as a college graduation gift. I’ve tried to read everyone of her books since and I hope she continues to write.

Help Thanks Wow is a shorter read if you power through, but I would encourage you to slow down and think as you read it. I wanted to share part of her prelude: Prayer 101.

“I do not know much about God and prayer, but I have come to believe, over the past twenty-five years, that there’s something to be said about keeping prayer simple.

Help. Thanks. Wow.

You may in fact be wondering what I even mean when I use the word “prayer.” It’s certainly not what TV Christians mean. It’s not for display purposes, like plastic sushi or neon. Prayer is private, even when we pray with others. It is communication from one’s heart to that which surpasses understanding. Let’s say it is communication from one’s heart to God. Or if that is too triggering or ludicrous a concept for you, to the Good, the force that is beyond our comprehension but that in our pain or supplication or relief we don’t need to define or have proof of or any established contact with. Let’s say it is what the Greeks called the Really Real, what lies within us, beyond the scrim of our values, positions, convictions, and wounds. Or let’s say it is a cry from deep within to Life or Love, with capital L’s.”

Lamott, Anne. Help Thanks Wow The Three Essential Prayers. New York: Riverhead Books, 2012. Print.

Where you can buy it

Thanksgiving dinner in Portland

part of our thanksgiving guest list

part of our thanksgiving guest list: This year we opened our house for family and friends who may not have family and friends nearby, or in Portland. There were 27-29 of us throughout the night. It’s been a while since I’ve had this many guests over and it was a lot of fun! I made the turkey and our friends brought sides and desserts… which were all delicious and they’re still being eaten 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This year I was reminded of our Thanksgiving dinners in Barcelona, Spain. I wish you could have joined this year. I miss all of you so much.


tanner and juliehaley and amanda


more friends

un poco de cafe después el pavo

un poco de cafe después el pavo

hola camera… amanda

hola camera… amanda